Country Capers

Celtic, Scandinavian and Contradance music
from the Pacific Northwest

The CD -- "The Farther Be In The Welcomer"

 The music comes from our favorite Celtic and Scandinavian music influences. The title comes from the traditional Shetland greeting composer-fiddler Tom Anderson used when Jane and Ken arrived at his doorstep. "Farther Be In The Welcomer" we also extend to you! Join us and listen to our music. In the near future, we'll also have samples from the album available here, too. 

 You can purchase Farther Be In The Welcomer for $17 from:

  • any band member,
  • at Country Capers performances or contra dances,
  • from Steve Mueller at Peninsula Violin, Poulsbo
  • or from

They are a terrific memento of Pacific NW traditional Celtic music with Nordic melodies as gifts in or out of state with some of my North Peninsula tune originals.



"I have enjoyed your CD very much. What I like best is the simple,
straightforward arrangements of traditional and new tunes. It seems
as though the norm today is to make traditional music fit into modern
arrangements. Your renditions remind me of my introduction into traditional
Irish music via the Bothy Band and others. Very well done. The Nordic
music is a wonderful addition and I especially like to offer music from that
tradition on my Sunday Folk program."
Tom Druckenmiller
Host of "In The Tradition" WDIY-FM (Lehigh, PA, Public Radio)
and contributing writer for Sing Out!

Selections from Farther Be In, The Welcomer

(MP3-downloadable extracts are linked)

1.    Swingin' on the Gate / Green Fields of America / Ice On The Road

2.    Rights of Man / Stack of Barley / Teatotaler / Trip to Durrow

3.    Var Det Du / Uti Grønne Haugen / Kung Karl Halling av Anders Rosén

4.    Christmas Day Ida Moarnin' Jig / Christmas Eve reel

5.    Teaspoon of Gunpowder / Paul Wukitche's Trip To Port Townsend / Road to Gannon

6.    Hambo På Puget Soundet

7.    Munster Lasses / Light & Airy / Miss Carmichael / Miss Gordon of Park / JoAnn England's Jug

8.    Julottan Polska / Vårlengt Reinlender

9.    Olympic Farewell Waltz / Trip to Nenagh / Pedaling Patterns / Highie Shorty's

10.    Gabe's Hospitality Jig / Islandwood Jig / Unfortunate Rake / Miss Sally Hunter of Thurston

11.    Min Levnads Afton Gånglot / Le Petit PT Chalet Waltz